Alright, you have booked your tickets and hotel and you are all set to embark on a soul-satiating adventure! But before you can board your flight, have you taken everything necessary on the trip? Because if not, then this trip could leave a bad taste in your mouth. A mundane and meticulous preparation goes a long way in ensuring you have the maximum fun out of an adventure.

best travel accessoriesWithout much further ado, I am going to list a few tips on what you should buy, ang things of daily use should take with you on the trip. I am also going to list some best practices to be followed during the trip to ensure you get the best experience.

1.Buy a small backpack/suitcase – This will help you to pack light and take things which are absolutely necessary. You are not going to party so you probably wouldn’t need that tux or that gorgeous dress. Think through what you can avoid and what you should absolutely take.

Travel Laptop Bag

Travel Laptop Bag

2.Always pack a towel – This will be the first thing that goes into your backpack. You will be on the road for the next few days and you never know when you actually might need it, be it at the beach or a plain simple shower. Hotels/Hostels might provide them but who knows whether you will like the smell of it!

3.Pack a flashlight – This must be the second item that goes into the suitcase. If you don’t have one then buy it.

14 things you should prepare for each trip 14.Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs – Buy them if you don’t have one and don’t wait to buy them at the airport! You are going to want to sleep on those long flights, train or your hotel room.

5.Pack smart – Use the little real estate (suitcase) that you have given yourself smartly. Roll your clothes, pack your undies in the small left over spaces. Leave no space unused.

6.Buy a universal adapter and multi-socket extension cord – You never know whether the charging ports are going to compatible or whether they’ll have enough ports in the first place!

7.Bring additional cash and debit card – Divide your cash into several different places like one part in the suitcase, one in your wallet and some in your shoe. Disasters happen and you wouldn’t want to be caught up in the middle of one in a place far away from home.

8.Make photocopies – Always have extra copies of your essential documents (VISA, Passport, ID Card etc.)

9.Use maps – Google maps are good for direction, but when you actually want to explore it’s better to have a physical map.

10.Take a camera with you – You might have the best phone camera but it’s still better to carry a point-and-shoot or a DSLR with you. You wouldn’t want to drain your phone battery by clicking photos!

11.Try local food – You can eat at a Mcdonald’s back home. Try the local cuisine and street food! They are cheap and delicious!

14 things you should prepare for each trip 212.Always have a first-aid kit handy – You can make yourself one. Just use a small box and pack essential medicine in it.

13.Get Vaccinated – Research on any epidemics that the country you are travelling to is prone to and get vaccinated for the same!

14.Buy a travel insurance – You might get sick, get hurt, fall down and you wouldn’t want spend a fortune in their currency! This is going to help you relax in situations like these and more.

Now you are ready to get set go! Have a wonderful trip and do come back to add a few of your own tips which I am sure you will have. And do share your amazing experiences with us!

Have a safe travel and Happy Tripping!