So you are planning a trip, let us give you some travel tips you can use. Most people are not savvy travelers by birth. It is one of those things that come only when you have hit the road a couple of times. You will make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. People may give you photography tips but we are concerned with what we think matters more.

Planning a trip? Some travel tips you can use 1

Savviness when it comes to travel, is something that comes with a few missed buses, cultural unawareness, countless small errors and foolish behavior. Then comes the day you have been waiting for so eagerly, you start to move seamlessly through various airports and begin to integrate yourself with the new cultures just like a fish does to water.

Always remember to pack your towels. They are key to successful hitchhiking and just make plain old common sense. You never know when you may need it, it may be on a picnic, time you are spending at the beach, or just to dry yourself up. While most of the hotels offer free towels, you should just be self reliant and carrying some travel accessories, including a towel, will not really add too much weight to your bags.

Travel Laptop Bag

Travel Bag

Buy a small suitcase of backpack. When you buy a smaller backpack, you will not be able to pack a lot of heavy stuff that you may find carrying very hard. Human beings seem to have this innate tendency to want to fill up all the space. If you pack light and keep a lot of extra space in your backpack, you may think about taking more stuff with you. Do not give in to the temptation so you will not regret it later on.

It is okay for you to wear the same shirt for a few days at a stretch. Just take half of the clothes that you think you may need. This was you will not need as many things as you think you do. Get hold of a notebook and make a list of all the essential items that you think you may need. Now cut the list in half and pack just that. Also, given that you bought a smaller bag like we recommended, you will anyway not have much room to carry extra things anyway.

Do carry some extra socks though. You are bound to lose some of them to the laundry, wear and tear and to hiking. So if you pack some extra socks, they will come in really handy. We always take a few more than we may need. Nothing comes close to having a pair of fresh socks.

Credit Card

Credit Card – Photo by from Pexels

Always carry an extra credit card or a bank card with you. Disasters do happen. It is always good to have some back up just in case you end up losing your card or just get plain robbed. You definitely do not want to get stuck in a new place with no way of getting to your money. We once used to have a card that we duplicated and had a freeze put on that. We could not use it for the remainder of our trip. We were really happy as we were carrying an extra card and were not like our friend, who did not carry extras and was forced into borrowing money from us the whole timee.

So, keep these tips in mind and enjoy your trip.